The Global Land Outlook (GLO)

The 1st edition of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification’s (UNCCD) Global Land Outlook (GLO) will be published in 2017 in both print and digital formats. The GLO is expected to be the new flagship publication of the UNCCD, akin to the CBD’s Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) and the UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook (GEO).

The GLO will be a strategic communications platform and publication that demonstrates the central importance of land quality to human well-being, assesses current trends in land conversion, degradation and loss, identifies the driving factors and analyzes the impacts, provides scenarios for future challenges and opportunities, and presents a new and transformative vision for land management policy, planning and practice at global and national scales.

Bringing together a diverse group of international experts and partners, the GLO will address the future challenges for the management and restoration of land resources in the context of sustainable development, including:

·         food, water and energy security;

·         climate change and biodiversity conservation;

·         urban, peri-urban and infrastructure development;

·         land tenure, governance and gender; and

·         migration, conflict and human security.

An integral part of the GLO’s digital platform will be the direct linkage with, and support from, the UNCCD’s Scientific Knowledge Brokering Portal (SKBP) which allows users to perform advanced searches within the relevant knowledge bases of our partners. Other unique features of the 1st edition of the GLO are the:

Working Papers Series - a supplementary set of publications to provide contributors with an expanded format for disseminating their analyses;

Scaling Up Best Practices - a new vision for replicating and expanding sustainable land management practices to achieve multiple development objectives; and

Land Management Index - a mechanism by which to explore the utility of using existing indicators to advocate for better land management policy, planning and practice.


Global Land Use Change (as % of total land area)